The Beach Boys Want You: To Direct Their Next Music Video

Posted August 30

If you’ve always dreamed of directing a video for pop legends The Beach Boys (dibs on “Barbara Ann” — even though it’s a cover), now is your chance. The No-Longer-Boys are asking fans to create vids for “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes and Villains” to celebrate the release of their new disc, The SMiLE Sessions.

The SMiLE Sessions was born from a bunch of songs recorded in ’66/’67 for an album called SMiLE, which ultimately never saw the light of day. Until, of course, Capitol/EMI decided to let loose the jams upon the world this year. To herald said release, Capitol hit up crowdsourcing platform Tongal to dream up some original music videos. Interested parties have until September 15 to submit. We’re sending out good vibrations all around.

More and more artists are turning to the web to crowdsource music videos — Panic! at the Disco recently used Instagram for video, Viddy, to source their single, “Ready to Go,” and Junip tapped YouTubers to add images to “Without You.”

What do you think of the crowdsourcing craze?

Image courtesy of Flickr, shazwan