A Call For Category Submissions: Think Digital!

Posted August 25

Attention all O Music Awards adherents: It’s time to give some love to the nerds. We’ve been getting a ton o’ category submissions (thanks to you all for the time and typing effort you have expended), and, we have to say, they’re a bit on the traditional side. Which we are not. Nope. We are more like that super smart kid who dropped out of high school in order to bust out with the next Google: Ahead of our time. And kind of nerdy (in a hot way).

We’re looking for the offbeat, the outstanding, the original, the outrageous, and, most importantly, online-forged – everything that puts the “O” into the O Music Awards. So put down your pencils and pick up your iPads – you have some serious brainstorming to do.

Click here to submit!

Image courtesy of Flickr, webmove