Campout Is Like Having a Music Snob in Your Pocket

Posted August 31

Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc are decidedly rad places to find new jams, but aren’t really jiggered for consumers — they’re more tailored for musicians looking to distribute their wares. A new app called Campout, however, recasts the Bandcamp experience to make it much more music-lover-oriented.

The iOS app is pretty similar in functionality to other music streaming apps, but — and here’s the kicker — it’s chock full of indie jams solely sourced from Bandcamp, which makes it even more obscurity-laced than the recently released RCRD LBL app.

Fire up the app to surf through trending songs (those that are in heavy rotation on Bandcamp), popular artists and random jams (via the “Play me anything” button), or search for specific artists (might I recommend Monster Rally, pictured below?). You can “Favorite” songs for future listening, but you cannot cache songs for offline listening (drag, man).

The whole deal costs around one dollar, but that’s a small price to pay for smug superiority.

Image courtesy of Flickr, freeloosedirt