Check Out iTunes Match — Before It Drops This Fall

Posted August 30

Update: According to All Things Digital, iTunes in the cloud will not feature streaming, but “simultaneous listen and download — users can hear the song while their machine ingests it.” Still, Apple is being vague about details, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until fall to see — or hear — for ourselves.

The concept of accessing iTunes in the cloud has been the fevered fantasy of many a music lover for years now. Earlier this summer, Apple unveiled the feature as part of its new iCloud service, complete with the iTunes Match, which will let users get access to all their music (even songs ripped from CDs) across devices.

The feature scans a user’s hard drive for songs and finds matching tunes in iTunes to store in the cloud along with all purchased tracks. Users can then either download songs to multiple devices, or stream their collection on said devices. The feature won’t be available until the fall (for $25 per year), but it recently opened to developers, and a couple of videos have surfaced showing it off. Check out this pair of vids (h/t hypebot) and let us know what you think in the comments below.