Look, Facebook Has a Band!

Posted August 31

You probably already know that tons of songs have been written about Facebook, but were you aware that the social network has its very own band? Introducing, Feedbomb!

Feedbomb was formed back in February because Facebook was in need of a band for its 7th birthday party. According to Randi Zuckerberg, FB founder Mark Z’s sister and former marketing director of Facebook, it was easy to pull together a band due to the massive musical talent lurking within the company.

Zuckerberg says that the band often busts out with a rather “motley setlist,” since the band’s lineup has pretty disparate taste in tunes. One dude is really into Green Day and Weezer, another Bon Jovi, yet another Michael Jackson. The only woman in the group, Zuckerberg tackles everything from Lady Gaga (see above) to Gwyneth Paltrow’s rendition of Cee-Lo Green’s “F**K You.”

When asked whether her bro ever takes part in any musical numbers, Zuckerberg says, “We have a pretty high bar for musicians in our band… just teasing.”