Artist Instagram Photo of the Day: Com Truise & The Gnome

Posted August 26

Every picture tells a story, don’t it? That’s why we’ll be periodically scouring the Instagram accounts of various and sundry musical acts to bring you the yarns behind the filtered snaps. Today’s tale? Com Truise & the Gnome.

If you’re not yet down with Com Truise (reverse the letters in the band’s name — fun!), he’s an electronic act from Jersey whose new disc, Galactic Melt, dropped this year. You can find him on Instagram at comtruise.

Com Truise (a.k.a. Seth Haley) shared the pic’s backstory with us, which is as follows: “I played a show in Dallas in early August. The club was clearing out and my tour manager was working the merch table, and chatting it up with this girl. A few friends came out to the show so we all decided to head back to our hotel room for a nightcap. This girl was sitting on my managers bed talking and I looked down and I was like ‘Oh SNAP, you have a David the Gnome tattoo, thats ridiculous!’ Let’s just say my tour manager had a long night.”

Excuse us, our childhood just died.