Music App of the Day: Play Music — Literally — With Radballs

Posted August 31

Yeah, old-school video game music/sounds have certainly found their way into modern music, meaning that those bleeps and bloops are in many ways aurally pleasing. But, sometimes, your own jams are far more palatable than those that come pre-loaded with any given game. That’s the conceit behind Radballs.

Radballs is a puzzle game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to port in your own music from iTunes and manipulate the beat whilst playing with/destroying a bunch of colored spheres.

If your own musical library is replete with chillout music not suited for manic gameplaying (Bon Iver, perhaps), the game does feature an original soundtrack produced by Neil Voss (who was behind Nintendo’s Tetrisphere and New Tetris), including electro tunes, remixes of OK Go songs like “White Knuckles” and “End Love,” and tracks from bands like Com Truise (who you may remember from “Artist Instagram Photo of the Day”).

We’re into anything that combines timewasting fun with good tunes, so we suggest giving this game a download (it costs $2.99). Also, kudos to the Radballs teams for giving us a brand new superlative via the game’s moniker. Try to use it in a sentence this week (Ex: “Damn, these calzones are totally radballs”).