Wikipedia For Rap Will Help You Break Lyrics Down

Posted August 29

If you’re the kind of person who’s really into lyrics — storing them in your fevered brain for future karaoke use — Rap Genius is a must-bookmark site.

Rap Genius is a kind of Wikipedia for lyrics (although much more attractive and sophisticated-looking). You can either passively interact with Rap Genius — looking up songs and clicking on highlighted sections for explanations — or create an account and start dispensing with your own abundant knowledge. Users who are skilled at parsing verses amass a high Rap IQ, which allows them to edit the site freely.

According to Mashable, the site now has 40,000 users (including some famous rappers) and has catalog of 250,000 songs. Soon, Rap Genius could expand into a platform for artists looking to connect with fans, joining an already crowded arena of musical social networks. However, the site’s built-in community and rap focus could definitely work in its favor when it comes to success.

Sure, there are tons of music apps out there that dredge up lyrics (see: SoundHound, Shazam and musiXmatch), but we’re into how deeply Rap Genius delves into the content at hand. In honor of Tyler The Creator’s VMA win for Best New Artist, we decided to dig into one of his jams. Check it above.