Music App of the Day: RCRD LBL Is Like Spotify — Only Curated

Posted August 25

We were already keen on music curation tool RCRD LBL (it scored an O Music Award nom last time around), but now we’re even more smitten: RCRD LBL has released an official app for the iPhone and the iPod touch, and it’s a must-download.

If you’re unfamiliar with RCRD LBL, it’s basically daily destination for free music downloads from up-and-coming acts. The app is the mobile version of that. When you fire it up, you’ll notice that it looks similar to music subscription apps like Spotify — and it’s just as intuitive to use. Scroll through “Radio” — a streaming list of music from the RCRD LBL site that updates daily — and listen to jams, add songs to custom playlists and cache all your music for offline listening (perfect for anyone who spends a ton of time on the subway).

Unlike Spotify, however, RCRD LBL is not an all-you-can-listen-buffet, which is an asset in this case (choices can be overwhelming, can they not?). Instead, the app is a curated collection of music — including early previews and remixes — chosen by actual human beings. In that sense, it’s more similar to The Hype Machine’s app than Rdio, MOG or Spotify. Although RCRD LBL’s offering is free.

If you’re a diehard music head looking for new tunes on the go (which we assume you are, since you’re reading this blog at present), RCRD LBL is your weapon of choice. Wield it well against musical mundanity.