Music App of the Day: Make Like A VJ With ShortForm

Posted August 26

Ever wanted to be an MTV VJ? Well, you can come close with a new service called ShortForm, which just launched a Live Video Parties integration.

Co-listening services like have been all the rage lately, allowing users to act as digital DJs and spin tunes for friends and strangers alike (even jam giants like Diplo and Talib Kweli have gotten in on the game). And, the other week, we saw the tech scene expanding the trend into the video realm with the launch of, a kind of for vids. Now, we have yet another contender: ShortForm.

ShortForm launched back in November as a venue in which users could create their own curated video channels. Now, the service is expanding the experience with the addition of Live Video Parties, which allow users to share their curated channels with friends — in a kind of chatroom. Watchers can invite friends to join via email and their social channels, and also let other users take the wheel when it comes to VJing.

Test it out and let us know in the comments: Which videos will you spin?

Image courtesy of Flickr, Denim Dave