Artist Instagram of the Day: Y△CHT & Their Cat Children

Posted September 19

You heard it here first, folks: Sad old women aren’t the only ones who refer to their cats as “children.” The band Y△CHT also deems kitties kin, as evidenced by this snap from their bustling Instagram account (@teamyacht).

“The is a photo of my two cat-daughters, David and The Internet, in and on top of their handmade Bavarian eight-scale playhouse,” says the band’s Jona Bechtolt. “When YACHT isn’t touring the world with our all-star band (Bobby Birdman, Jeffrey Jerusalem, Key Losers, Claire, and myself), we like to spend time in Berlin with our cat-children making tootsie rolls (cat poop). This photo was taken at Hotel Columbia in Berlin.”

Looks more like Shangri-La (La La La La La La La La) to us.

By Brenna Ehrlich