Ben Kweller Writes Ode to SoundCloud

Posted September 6

“I’m in the SoundCloud, you’re in the Soundcloud, live in the SoundCloud now!” You said it, Ben!

A couple of hours ago, this catchy little tune appeared on Ben Kweller‘s SoundCloud page — however it’s unlikely that the jam will be featured on the artist’s upcoming album, Go Fly a Kite (correct us if we’re wrong, B.K.).

It’s not the most awesome tune ever (although its Nirvana-esque sound definitely has something to it), but it is rather accurate. SoundCloud is becoming the de facto site for musicians looking to get their work out there. Also, bonus, the name yields much better lyrics than those that could be born from other platforms (Sample: “I Tube, you Tube, we live in the Tube now.”)

I’m In The Soundcloud by benkweller

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