Bjork’s Biophilia Gets Pushed Back

Posted September 2

Bjork fans, prepare for extreme disappointment: The Icelandic musician’s tech-packed album, Biophilia, has been delayed. Before you get all blubbery, though, it’s only being waylaid by about two weeks.

We were supposed to see the album — the musical component of a multi-faceted project — drop at the end of September, but now the disc is slated to come out on October 11.

In the meantime, Bjork fans can tide themselves over by downloading the free Biophilia iOS app, which includes games and graphics as well as the songs “Cosmogony,” “Crystalline” and “Virus” (some songs sold separately.)

Biophilia is an epic undertaking — not only is it Bjork’s eighth full-length disc, it’s also a sprawling musical project including brand new instruments, innovative live performances, installations and the aforementioned app, on which each song on the album will be released.