Listen to Blink-182′s New Album With People in Your Hood

Posted September 27

Blink-182′s new disc, Neighborhoods, is dropping today, but you can listen to the whole album pro bono over at the band’s website — with members of your very own neighborhood.

The site uses SoundCloud (for music streaming) and SimpleGeo (for GPS tech) to create a location-specific listening party experience. Simply type in your address, and you’ll be put in a chatroom with other folks from your hood where you can discuss the new disc.

The idea is pretty neat, echoing themes in the album in its execution. In many ways it’s like the Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown” multiple browser “video,” which mingled Google Maps footage of the viewer’s childhood home with scenes from the vid. However, it only really works if there are other fans in your locale using the site (no one in my Brooklyn neighborhood seems to be into Blink-182).

There have been a ton of interesting listening party experiments of late — from bands using to YouTube to premiere tunes. What do you think of Blink-182′s effort?