Music App of the Day: Keep Tabs on Your Favorite Stations With CheckIn Radio

Posted September 7

How many of y’all still listen to the radio? OK, then, you may continue reading. Those of you who have traded in Casey Kasem (is he still around?) for Spotify and the like can mosey on out of this post.

A new radio checkin iOS app just came on the scene today — appropriately titled CheckIn Radio — that allows users to keep up with their fave radio stations by checking into them to receive updates on offers and promotions by the station.

Users will also be able to get messages from the stations, as well as enter contests to win prizes. Naturally, you’ll be able to share all this action on Facebook as well, so that your rabid fans and friends can keep up with your every fascinating move.

Entertainment checkin apps like GetGlue and the like are becoming more and more common now, and although checking in isn’t really the most popular of social activities, the gesture can be a fun way to keep up with your myriad interests. Granted, CheckIn Radio could offer the user a little more utility — such as the ability to actually listen to said radio stations — but it seems a good way for radio fans to keep up on contests and the like.

Would you download to check in?

Image courtesy of Flickr, masochismtango