Compete For The Illustrious Title of O Music Awards Super Fan

Posted September 27

The O Music Awards aren’t just reserved for the big shots (Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Spotify, etc); you can also compete for the chance to get your mitts on one of those coveted cubes.

Introducing The O Music Awards Super Fan Award, a honor bestowed upon the most avid member of the voting masses. In order to qualify for said award, you’ll have to log in (via Facebook or Twitter) and vote for your fave nominees. Early and very, very often.

Some votes earn more points than others. The fastest way to earn Super Fan Points is to vote and share via Facebook and Twitter. Check out the point system below!

* 10 points Vote with Facebook Sharing

* 5 points Vote with Twitter Sharing

* 3 points Vote without sharing

You can track your progress on the Super Fan page, and amp up your activity accordingly.

So let loose your competitive sides, my digitally minded children, and get clicking! We’ll start polishing this here statue for you.

Image courtesy of Flickr, iantmcfarland