Explore a Vivid, 360-Degree World in Craig Wedren’s New Video

Posted September 20

O Music Awards nominee for Most Innovative Music Video Craig Wedren is back with another stellar 360-degree, interactive video, and it’s just as epic as the first.

As you may recall, Wedren’s first video — for the song “Are We” — scored a nom, but lost out to Andy Grammer’s “Keep Your Head Up.” That song was the first single off of Wedren’s new album and interactive film, Wand, which drops in October. You can snag “We Are” with a right-click here.

The new vid, titled “Crush You,” directed by Tim Nackashi, is the next chapter in the Wand tale.

“This video is essentially the climax of Wand, where I and my crew attempt a rescue mission (my wife, a Woodland Ghost-Princess, and our son have been kidnapped by the evil ‘Administrator’) that is part dance battle, part Kubrick vs. Warhol in a children’s psych-playground, and hopefully all the way captivating, disorienting, and ultimately a worthy analog that supports and enhances the song itself,” Wedren says in a statement.

We can’t embed the vid here, as it is interactive, but you can head on over to a dedicated website to experience it for yourself.