Lets You Be the VJ

Posted September 19

Yeah, you could fire up a Pandora playlist at your next shindig and call it a day. Or, you could take your DJing one step further and make like Jesse Camp — i.e. VJ.

May we introduce, a brand-new startup that allows users to play a constant stream of music videos from up-and-coming artists.

“We wanted to throw parties and play continuous videos all night long, and there was no way to do that,” says co-founder and CEO Katherine de León. was the solution, a platform containing curated channels encompassing a variety of genres. Users can also create their own channels, adding videos to play in a constant stream on the site. Naturally, you can also share channels to social networks.

The crew also want to make it clear that they’re focusing on newer acts here, not established musicians like Lady Gaga. “We help fans discover underground and emerging artists,” says de León. “We are a music discovery service, so you’re not likely to see Eminem on there.”

The team curates videos by keeping tabs on blogs, as well as what videos are getting buzz on sites like YouTube. Blogs and musicals acts like Eclectic Method have already created channels. is far from the only site out there designed to stream curated videos, but it distinguishes itself from competitors like by focusing solely on music vids.

What do you think of Cull? Would you fire it up at your next party?

Image courtesy of Flickr, DevilsHaircutVisuals

By Brenna Ehrlich