Your Mission: Create a Music-Themed Trending Topic

Posted September 16

If you jam on over to Twitter at present, you’ll see that #DrakeCriesWhen is currently trending, a jab at the sensitive rapper. Well, we here over at the O Music Awards blog are happy that Drake has had his moment in the (roasting) sun, but we think it’s time for someone else to take the hot seat.

So we’re calling upon you, dear readers, to fashion your very own hilarious hashtag with the aim of getting it to trend in the Twitterverse. We know that’s a mighty task — defeating the Biebs for prominence is nearly impossible — but it’s Friday afternoon. What else do you have to do? That’s what we thought.

Share your best ###s in the comments below and start tweeting!

Image courtesy of Flickr, eastscene

By Brenna Ehrlich