The Flaming Lips Plan To Release 24-Hour-Long Song Encased in a Human Skull For Halloween

Posted September 29

Hold onto your heads: The Flaming Lips are planning their next project in their year-long experimental album extravaganza, and this one’s a shocker. According to frontman Wayne Coyne, the band plans to release a 24-hour-long song at midnight on Halloween encased in a… wait for it… human skull.

“I would say nothing that we’re doing is bizarre or illegal,” says Coyne. “In parts of the world and even on eBay you can actually buy real human skulls. There’s a place in town that’s called Skulls Unlimited that’s been here for almost as long as The Flaming Lips have been here, and it sells human skulls.” The locale Coyne is referring to is Oklahoma, where he resides.

“People heads come into this place and they have these flesh-eating beetles — I would have tweeted a picture of it, but they don’t allow it — literally eat every molecule of flesh off of these things and you’ll end up with a human skull,” the singer explains.

Coyne plans to insert a harddrive into five of these human heads — which will come covered in chrome and packaged in elegant boxes — and on that drive will be recorded a 24-hour-long song. Apparently, he’s sold all five of the skulls already (for $5,000 each), even though the song still isn’t done. In fact, Coyne isn’t even sure if the endeavor will go through — 24 hours is a long time, after all. He cautions us that this project is still in the works.

Still, he has some plans for the lengthy jam. “It’s a song about death and it’s a song about f**king and it’s a song about life… It’s another element of this Flaming Lips connection with death and beauty and all that,” he says.

Right now, there are no plans to collaborate with any other artists on the tune — The Lips have worked with the likes of Neon Indian and Lightning Bolt this year — but Coyne does have some tracks from Death Cab For Cutie and Cloudland Canyon that he might use.

Artistic stunts like this are becoming common for The Lips — although this one is decidedly the most off-the-wall. At the beginning of this year, the band announced that they planned to release a song per month, and since then Coyne and Co. have set out on a wacky exploration of music and art. There was a song entirely composed of YouTube videos, a gummi skull (and other body parts) packed with music, and, most recently, a six-hour-long song featuring fans’ names read out by Sean Lennon. No wonder Wayne Coyne was nominated for an O Music Award for Digital Genius.

In fact, the awards show goes down on October 31, the same day that The Lips’ new jam is slated to drop. Perhaps Coyne will be taking home a cube in addition to a passel of human heads.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Gonzo Carles

By Brenna Ehrlich