The Flaming Lips Will Add Your Name to 6-Hour Song — For $$$

Posted September 6

Remember how we said The Flaming Lips have a six-hour song on the horizon? Well, you can now act as Wayne Coyne’s muse and have your name included in said song — for a price. It’s like that whole “Name a Star” thing, but substantially more weird (and cool).

The other week, Coyne announced that the Lips were working on an epic song via Twitter, and now, if you head on over to the band’s website, you’ll see a call to donate $100 to the OK Humane Society, which will net you one mention of your moniker in a tune called “Found a Star on the Ground.” Maybe there’s a “Name a Star” connection after all.

Check out the above snippet and get pumped for what’s to come. Those with common names will have an easier time of it when it comes to getting into the tune without having to pay. Moon Unit and Apple and Co. will have to fork over the big bucks.