Jeffrey Lewis Premieres Fan-Made Video

Posted September 14

Need a little something to get you through the rest of your “Hump Day” (worst term ever)? Lucky for you, indie rock troubadour Jeffrey Lewis is out with a fan-made video for his catchy jam about insecticide, “Mosquito Mass-Murderist.”

If you’ve ever seen Lewis live, you know that the antifolk musician is famous for busting out self-made comic books during certain tunes (his proclivity for graphic novels, along with his distinctive sound, make him a favorite among fellow musicians like Art Brut’s Eddie Argos). The books accompany the tunes, illustrating their contents. For the above video, Lewis put his fans in the cartoonist role, and, man, did they deliver.

Lewis’s newest album, A Turn In the Dream-Song, drops on October 11.