YouTube Mashup Artist Creates Song From Worldwide Turmoil

Posted September 23

Master of YouTube mashups, Kutiman, is out with a new, hard-rocking song — courtesy of a collection of vids featuring speech fragments from world leaders and footage of folks jamming.

Kutiman (a.k.a. Israel-based producer Ophir Kutiel) is a video artist of the highest order, finding random videos on YouTube and combining them to create music. He came out with his first experiment in musical mashups back in 2009, titled ThruYou, which racked up millions of YouTube views and made it onto Time‘s “50 Best Inventions of 2009″ list.

This past year, Kutiman released and array of similar videos, like the YouTube-spun song, “My Favorite Color.”

The above video, titled “This Is Real Democracy,” is his latest work. What do you think?