Who Was That Band in the Promo For Facebook’s New Music Integration?

Posted September 28

After Facebook’s f8 Developer Conference, a friend tweeted at me, asking me if I knew who the band was who was featured in the video demonstrating Facebook’s deeper app integration. Well, that would be indie electronic act Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and, in case you were wondering, they’re totally OK with that whole Spotify thing.

For those who missed the digital memo, the other week Facebook announced that — thanks to a deeper integration with apps like Spotify, Facebook’s new “Timeline” feature and the social network’s new Open Graph — you can now keep up with what friends are listening to in real time. If a user allows it, apps like Spotify (and Rdio and MOG, etc) will share your listening activity on the social network, and your friends can listen along as well.

Letting Up Despite Great Fault’s tune “Teenage Tide,” off of their new album Paper Crush, scored a demonstration of said integration, which got us wondering: What does the band think of the music subscription service? After all, a couple of indie music labels have dropped out of the Spotify game of late, complaining of low returns.

Despite being unaware that his jam was accompanying this particular promo — he has a friend at Facebook who asked to use it — the band’s frontman Mike Lee is a fan of Spotify, as well as Google’s music locker service, Google Music (don’t tell Facebook).

“Ultimately, I just want to make music that I can be proud of that people can enjoy and people can access,” he says. “I think if you can give your audience a choice, I think ultimately that might be the best way to go, even if one of the choices might not give you a great amount of revenue.” Obviously, Lee wants to make money as a musician, but access is vital as well.

On that note, check out Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ three discs, Paper Crush, Movement, and their self-titled debut LP. They’re both available on Spotify.

By Brenna Ehrlich