Do You Party Rock Like LMFAO? Check Facebook

Posted September 30

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly concerned that I am not, in fact, “party rocking” hard enough. The worry haunts my very dreams. Thankfully, my “party rocking” ability was today confirmed, courtesy of electro hop band LMFAO and Facebook.

LMFAO — who refer to their sound as “party rock” — recently rolled out a Facebook app that, when activated, scans your Facebook photos to determine whether you are partying hard enough. It bases its score on such factors as number of people in photos, darkness, cups in hand, etc.

After the app rates your partying ability (I got an A+) it generates an album of party pics, complete with a certificate, that you can post to your Facebook Wall. If you tag your snaps with LMFAO, you also increase your score (and could end up in LMFAO’s album of “Professional Party Rockers”).

If you’re friends with your boss (or your mom) on Facebook, we recommend abstaining. Unless you’re prepared to fight for your right (to party).

Image courtesy of Flickr, Noah_Diamond

By Brenna Ehrlich