Watch Out Spotify, MOG Goes Freemium

Posted September 14

For months now, Spotify has distinguished itself from the competitors by being the only subscription service to offer free, on-demand music (aside from Grooveshark, whose legality is a little questionable). Now, MOG is stepping up to the plate with its own free offering.

Starting tomorrow, MOG will begin offering streaming, on-demand music via its website for free. However, its model is different from Spotify’s (which gives users a limited number of hours per month of free listening). Instead, MOG focuses on game mechanics, dishing out pro bono tunes to engaged users.

Upon signup — which does not require a credit card number (rest easy, oh paranoid ones) — you will get a virtual “gas tank” full of free music. This tank is called FreePlay, and can be refilled via user interaction: listening to tunes, sharing music with friends, clicking around the website, and, in the future, engaging with ads. For the first 60 days, however, the service will be ad-free. The free tier will only be available online; to access tunes via your mobile or other devices, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee.

“Your social influence is a key component,” says MOG CEO and founder David Hyman. “Tastemakers and influencers can easily get a lifetime of free on-demand music. These models have worked extremely well for other online businesses, and it’s exciting to apply them to the music sector for the first time.”

Spotify users: Would you make the switch to MOG?

Image courtesy of Flickr, craigCloutier

By Brenna Ehrlich