26 Musicians To Follow on Google+

Posted September 1

Google+ — the so-called “Facebook killer” — has been on the scene for a couple of months now, and recently began rolling out verified accounts for celebs. We scoured the social network for musicians — both verified and un- (we’ll let you know should they prove to not be legit) — to bring you the following list of artists to, uh, “Circle.”

Be warned, some Plusers are more interesting than others, but we imagine that bands will get much more savvy at posting as the months progress (here’s hoping Cher joins).

If we’re missing any of your faves, you know where the comments are.

1).Dolly Parton

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “I love bald men. Just because you’ve lost your fuzz, don’t mean you ain’t a peach.”

2).Alanis Morissette

Active: Not Really

Sample Quote: “Hello, everyone…”

3).Mark Hoppus

Active: Yes

Sample Quote: “The roads in western Canada are bumpy, and it’s making it difficult for me to sleep on this drive to Edmonton. WHY IS MY LIFE SO HARD?!?!”

4).Cyndi Lauper

Active: Not Really

Sample Quote: “I am excited to announce that my new Live DVD – TO MEMPHIS, WITH LOVE – will be release on October 25th.”

5).Taylor Swift

Active: Yes, but seems label-run.

Sample Quote: “So many beautiful memories from our 4 shows in Newark. Such sparkly, loud crowds! It’s raining in NYC now. So pretty.”

6).Sammy Hagar

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “Hello to everyone out in Google+ land — The (Big) Foot has landed! I’m at the Foot Locker rehearsing with the Wabos right now, but this weekend is all about the ‘Foot as we get together for some rehearsal, some video shooting, and maybe a little hangout session!”

7).Michael Anthony

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “Think you can beat my ‘Chickenfooooooooooooot’ scream? Let’s see your best shot! Listen to the new tune ‘Big Foot’ and then submit your screaming video on Chickenfoot.US!”

8).Geddy Lee

Active: Kind Of.

Sample Quote: “RUSH just signed with Roadrunner records. New album in 2012.”

9).Kip Berman

Active: Not Really

Sample Quote: “Psyched to be touring with Twin Sister + Big Troubles in September in the USA and Canada! It will probably be the last dates in North America for this album, so hope to see you there.”

10).Carl Broemel

Active: No

Sample Quote: A link to “Holdin On To Black Metal.”

11).Tom Blankenship

See above.

12).Eric Victorino

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “holy sh*t. got to hang out at Google HQ all day today, played a show for the staff and got to ride Google bikes and ate free food, so much fun. Could live there.”

13).Avril Lavigne (Unverified)

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “How do you say Black Star Tour in Russian?”

14).Britney Spears

Active: Yes

Sample Quote: “Watching the VMA tribute again…..truly love it. Still stunned to have received the Video Vanguard Award and Best Pop Video. Thank u so much MTV – this makes me so happy!”

15).Sasha Grey

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “Some people don’t get sarcasm-of course I know who Casey Anthony is. Sheesh. +TMZ”

16).Eminem (Unverified)

Active: Yes

Sample Quote: Mostly posts videos

17).Soulja Boy

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “Are my eyes deceiving me or am I the only one in +Ashton Kutcher ‘s circle right now? WINNING”

18).50 Cent

Active: Yes

Sample Quote: “Check out my new sh*t”

19).T- Pain

Active: Yes

Sample Quote: “you asked for it. t-pain effect 20% off. are you not ENTERTAINED!!!??!?!”


Active: Very

Sample Quote: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when I know there are footprints on the moon… DALE!”

21).Snoop Dogg

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “checc tha new doggisode wit ice cube, wiz, daz n goldic locc”

22).Trent Reznor

Active: Kind Of

Sample Quote: “Testing… one, two.”

23).Pete Wentz

Active: Very

Sample Quote: “dang i think spotify might be a game changer.”

24).Mariah Carey

Active: Yes, but mostly advertising

Sample Quote: “Looking for the hottest fall fashion and accessories? Create your own chart-topping glamour with the latest pieces from the Mariah Carey Collection at HSN.”


Active: Yes, but seems label-run

Sample Quote: “Happy Birthday Madonna! Today is a very special one for Madonna fans around the world so make sure to leave your birthday messages as a comment to this post!”

26).Wiz Khalifa (Unverified)

Active: Not Really

Sample Quote: “
Mutant Chil +1″