Music App of the Day: This Digital DJ Suits Your Mood

Posted September 16

Sometimes, when your heart’s broken and all you want to do is rage, music is the only salvation. While it would be easy enough to just blast Bikini Kill’s “Suck My Left One” on repeat, wouldn’t it be much more aurally stimulating to have some variety scoring your misery fest? Enter is a new app for iPhone and iPod touch that scans your music library, analyzing the mood of each jam. You can then create playlists containing tunes with varying degrees of emotion: from “very chilled” to “very intense.” You can also edit playlists, nixing songs that you might not be down to hear.

It’s a simple app (although costly at $3.99), but a clever one — especially if you’re prone to hitting “repeat” on your mood.

Image courtesy of Flickr, coby koehl

By Brenna Ehrlich