Outloud.fm — It’s Like That Part in The Virgin Suicides

Posted September 19

As to be expected, Turntable.fm ain’t the only social listening site on the block; there’s also Outloud.fm, which its founders compare to an iconic scene in The Virgin Suicides in the promo above.

If you haven’t seen the film, I won’t give too much away — the scene depicts a group of neighborhood boys communicating with the Lisbon sisters (who have been locked away by their parents) via music. In short, the assemblage throws a super stripped-down listening party.

Outloud.fm, much like Turntable.fm, is a site that allows people to listen to tunes together. Users can upload their own MP3s, or surf SoundCloud to find shareable jams. Unlike TT.fm, however, Outloud doesn’t add the game aspect — i.e. DJs who accrue points when others deem their playlists “awesome.”

“I just watched that movie again on Netflix Instant,” says Outloud.fm founder Steven Huynh in reference to The Virgin Suicides. “I think that scene pretty well encapsulates what OL is all about, whereas TT is more of a game/competition.”

“They are indeed getting a bunch of attention,” Huynh says of TT.fm, who recently launched an iPhone app and scored a chunk of funding. “But I feel like that’s sort of good for us in some weird way. A lot of people come to our site from TT, and say they like it better, so, we still have a horse in this race!”

Check out Outloud.fm and let us know what you think: Do you prefer the Lisbon-inspired experience to the thrill of competition?

By Brenna Ehrlich