Pandora Rolls Out Unlimited Listening & New HTML5 Player to All

Posted September 21

Looks like MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody (who recently added social integration) aren’t the only music services upping the ante: Today Pandora rolled out its redesigned site to all users, and removed its 40-hour listening cap.

In July, Pandora revealed its new HTML5 site to Pandora Plus users, but now all levels of music listeners will be privy to the overhaul, which includes the following, according to a release:

• Faster Load Time – HTML5 enables the site to load almost instantaneously and allows for fluid navigation across the service.

• Simplified Station Creation – Enhanced auto-complete choices and personalized suggestions make creating new stations and discovering new music or comedy more intuitive and personal.

• Social Features and Sharing Tools – Enhanced listener profiles and a new music feed offer a centralized place to find, like and comment on what friends and like-minded listeners are discovering and enjoying on Pandora. Stations now have their own URLs, enabling far easier sharing of favorite stations via Twitter, Facebook, or on the new Pandora social feed.

• Improved Control – Prominent and ubiquitous access to familiar player control buttons including Play, Pause, Thumbs-Up and Thumbs-Down icons helps listeners personalize their music and comedy stations. A new shuffle feature also allows listeners to shuffle any collection of stations to add variety to their listening experience.

• Enhanced Artist Information – An option to learn more about the music, find lyrics, read artists’ biographies and expand the album art size.

• Unlimited listening – There is no longer a cap on hours for any listeners.

What do you think of the new Pandora? Is it enough to sate your thirst for tunes, or will you (or have you already) turn to harder stuff, like Spotify?

By Brenna Ehrlich