Music App of the Day: Make Music While Waiting For the Elevator

Posted September 1

Musicians: What do you do when you’re out on the street, chilling and whatnot, and inspiration strikes? Pull out your cell and hum a tune? Well, we’ll do you one better: Check out Piq, an iOS app that lets you create music on the fly.

Piq is a rather simple app that allows the user to create tunes via a set of digital strings, tweaking factors like octave, whether notes are sharp or flat, major, minor, etc.

Users can also record vocals over digital music, and share compositions via SMS, Facebook or email. (You can also select your own background image — mine features this rad spiral sculpture.)

We can definitely see this app being both a fun pastime for casual music makers, and an awesome tool for bands working on new tracks — bust out a basic melody and send it your bandmates for perusal!

Musicians: How do you currently compose on-the-go?

Image courtesy of Flickr, esc861