Rdio Joins MOG & Spotify in the Freemium Game

Posted September 14

That was fast. MOG just announced that it would be offering a freemium service starting tomorrow, and now rival music subscription service Rdio has also revealed plans to offer pro bono tunes.

According to All Things Digital, Rdio will be offering a free service like MOG, but with a few key differences: 1). The service will always be ad-free (MOG will only be ad-free for 60 days), 2). Unlike MOG’s “game mechanics strategy” (requiring users to share music, etc to gain more free jams) Rdio will decide how long the river of jams will run freely. The free tier is designed to get more users to subscribe to Rdio’s paid, premium service.

Rdio CEO Drew Lerner told All Things D: “We know free is powerful, it’s a great way to increase your funnel… But it’s about not creating a tier for an alternative or replacement for what would be a paying subscriber.”

We’ll just have to wait and see how these offerings stand up if/when Facebook reveals its own music service later on this month.

Image courtesy of Flickr, tim geers

By Brenna Ehrlich