Music App of the Day: Find the Perfect Playlist On-the-Go

Posted September 14

Looking for a playlist for your morning run/BBQ/between-the-sheet session with your latest beau? Well, Songza’s new mobile app has you covered.

In the already crowded realm of music streaming services, Songza — which previously was a web-only service — distinguishes itself by allowing users to create social playlists, free of charge. Now, users can take said playlists with them via iPhone or Android. An iPad iteration is on the way.

Upon firing up the app, users have several avenues by which to discover music. They can access their own collection (playlists created via the web service that are automatically ported over to the app), a “Discover” tab (which includes playlists sorted by genre, activities, moods, decades, etc), a friend feed (the app plugs into Facebook, supplying you with news pertaining to what your friends are listening to), and a search function, which lets you find artists, songs etc to add to your playlists.

While services like Spotify and Rdio afford users more functionality (caching for offline listening, etc), Songza has a pretty vast selection of music — 14.5 million songs — and lets users listen on-demand for free. That makes Songza a pretty good choice for active music listeners with a tight budget. For comparison’s sake, Pandora also has a free mobile app that lacks caching, but includes ads — which Songza has nixed — and doesn’t supply on-demand listening.

What do you think of Songza’s new app? Worth a download?

By Brenna Ehrlich

Image courtesy of Flickr, mmilin32