Music App of the Day: Tie Tunes To Location With Sounddropper

Posted September 2

When I was walking through Times Square today, listening to the Ramones’s “I Wanna Be Sedated,” I couldn’t help but think how perfectly that jam fit the locale. Too bad I had not yet discovered Sounddropper.

Sounddropper is a brand new iOS app that allows you to tag locations with songs and surf through the tagged songs of other users. The app plugs right into your Soundcloud account, allowing you to use songs that you find on the site, as well as songs that you yourself may have composed (aspiring musicians take note — this here is some guerrilla marketing).

The app has two modes: “Drop” and “Discover.” (See above for what “Drop” means.) The “Discover” mode takes you into a stream of songs other users dropped on spots, allowing you to listen to location-tied music as you amble through an urban environment.

Since the app just dropped today, there are no other songs (aside from the one I dropped) in my immediate vicinity, but I’m stoked to test it out in a few weeks when more people have downloaded the app.

Location-based music apps are gaining more steam of late: One of my favorite apps, Soundtracking is like Instagram for music, letting users tag a song to a location, complete with a photo. Then there’s creations like The National Mall, an app from the band Bluebrain that comprises an album that can only be listened to while walking around the Washington, D.C., landmark. Sounddropper seems to be somewhere between these two offerings.

Do certain locations evoke musical memories for you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Flickr, mikecogh