Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify, Lana Del Ray & The Radiohead Hoax

Posted September 30

The web is always spinning, making it exceedingly difficult to get a good look at all it has to offer day to day. Luckily for you, we’ve got the eyes of a music- & tech-obsessed eagle. Get the rundown of all that went down below.


* Spotify and Facebook are best friends. Spotify Users Jump 3.4 Million to 5.3 Million In 1 Week Thanks To Facebook

* You can hang out with tonight! No joke: Google promotes Will.i.Am’s Google+ profile on its search page

* Perhaps a future nominee for “Best Web-Born Artist?” The Imagination of Lana Del Rey

* NOT OK, computer. How False Rumors of a Surprise Radiohead Concert Spread Online

* Is the iPod Classic going the way of the Walkman? Apple axes iPod click wheel games in iTunes, is the ‘classic’ model next?

Image courtesy of Flickr, mikecogh