What It Takes To Lead a Tokio Hotel Fan Army

Posted September 29

As you can see from the massive influx of votes in the Fan Army FTW category, the award meted out to these top music lovers is one of the most popular in the O Music Awards roster. That’s why we’re aiming to chat with the top dogs in each of these armies — folks that simultaneously amaze and terrify us with their ardent dedication.

Last O Music Awards, the Tokio Hotel Aliens soundly beat their competitors, scoring the coveted titled of Fan Army FTW. This time around, they’re back and they’re fighting hard for their beloved German pop band. We chatted with one of their top generals, 30-year-old Jacqueline from the Dominican Republic, about what it takes to head up a winning Fan Army.

When did you become a fan? Why?
I became a Tokio Hotel Fan in 2008 after discovering them on YouTube. I love learning languages so I was looking for some German language music on YouTube and found their music video ’1000 Meere’ and their performance of that song at 2008 NRJ Music Awards in France. Next day, I started listening to all their music, watching episodes of Tokio Hotel TV, their music videos, live performances, interviews, etc. I fell in love with their German music, personalities and of course Bill Kaulitz; he’s unique, I’m fascinated with him.

When did you decide to join and lead a fan army?
In 2008, there were several important Tokio Hotel votings (MTV VMA, MTV Latin America Awards, MTV EMA) and I was voting a lot for them. I really wanted them to win those awards so I wanted to support them more by also helping to spread the word of those votings. That’s when I started joining different Tokio Hotel forums around the world (USA, Germany, Italy, France, etc), mainly because I wanted to help in all the votings and constantly remind the fans to vote. Then, in 2009 I created the Twitter account (@BillKaulitzFans) because Twitter is the most effective way to make your voice heard and very useful and powerful tool to help spread the word (votings, news and all types of updates), it makes it quicker and easier, it’s currently the best tool for that.

What is the general uniform of your fan army? Any clothes you all wear? Concert Ts, etc?
There’s no uniform. Some fans wear sometimes Tokio Hotel T-shirts that can be bought at the Tokio Hotel Official Store.

How many hours a week do you listen to the music?
It depends, but these days probably two hours a week. But, of course, that will change when the new Tokio Hotel album is released. :)

Any hard and fast rules for members of your fan army?
There are no hard and fast rules.

How closely do you know the other members? Are you all friends?
The Tokio Hotel fandom is like a big family.

How did you manage to win Fan Army FTW last time around? Any strategies?
Practice makes perfect. Tokio Hotel Fans are veterans at voting. :)

This year, you guys started voting rather rapidly. How did you arrange that?
We didn’t start voting before you announced the site, but we did start voting immediately after we saw the @MTVOMA tweet about the nominations. The link to the voting page was in that post. :)

What’s your plan this time around?
Never reveal your strategies. ;)

Image courtesy of Flickr, Toni Villaró

By Brenna Ehrlich