Too Agoraphobic For Open Mic Night? Try YouNow

Posted September 16

Singing in front of people can be hard — there’s the audience’s judgmental gaze, the fear of forgetting the words, the possibility of tossed tomatoes. Now you can bypass all that mess, thanks to YouNow.

YouNow, which appropriately calls “,” is a kind of virtual talent show. A musician can perform in front of their webcam to an audience of unseen judges, who vote on whether they like or dislike a given jam. “Likes” afford users more time to play. “Dislikes” earn an unskilled musician the cane. The site also features a chatroom for heckling and praise.

Apparently users with proven reps get preference when it comes to performing — thereby making sure that quality crooners often hold court. Still, when I gave YouNow a spin I was privy to an extremely long set by a drunken dude (his shirt half-buttoned) singing along to the radio. Score.

Social music services like — a series of musical chatrooms hosted by virtual DJs — are really taking off of late. Would you be down to show off your musical chops — and to be judged — on YouNow?

Photo courtesy of Flickr, Johnny Jet

By Brenna Ehrlich