Turntable.fm Comes to the iPhone

Posted September 13

Buzzy, buzzy still-in-beta startup Turntable.fm is taking social music mobile with the release of its brand new iPhone app.

For all intents and purposes,Turntable.fm for iPhone is pretty much the same as the desktop version. It’s a series of musical chatrooms in which five DJs can spin tracks, which other users rate as either “awesome” or “lame” (votes garner users points to score better avatars).

The whole interface is rather slick. You can access all chatrooms via a main lobby (and continue to listen to tunes while scanning the list), and click into a room to view avatars bouncing and jamming. Once in a room, you can click on the “Chat” icon to access chat (while in the room, chat appears via blue speech bubbles) as well as your queue. Sadly, however, you can only add music to your queue from MediaNet library; you cannot upload MP3s as in the web version (fingers crossed TT.fm works out more licensing deals, etc, because iTunes integration would be awesome).

For those not in the know, TT.fm is U.S.-only, and can only be used by those whose Facebook friends are already using the app.

Right now, the app is a little buggy and slow (and it crashes a lot), but TT.fm fans will be pleased with the product overall. Still, we can’t help but wonder whether users will want to take the experience mobile: It’s kind of hard to DJ and walk at the same time. However, we can see the app being a hit at parties — just hook up your iPhone to a speaker and let the assemblage DJ away.

What do you think of Turntable’s latest offering?

By Brenna Ehrlich