Turntable.fm Overhauls Its Homepage

Posted September 22

At last night’s SoundCtrl event in New York City, Turntable.fm co-founder Seth Goldstein announced that TT.fm would be rolling out a new homepage Thursday, and man, did they deliver.

For those not familiar with Turntable.fm, it’s basically a series of digital chatrooms in which one can play music. Each room has five DJs, and room occupants (depicted as avatars) rate said DJs’ jams as “Awesome” or “Lame,” garnering DJs points and esteem. In the past, it was a bit difficult to find a room to DJ in — some are rather popular — but the new page makes the whole experience a lot more inviting for TT.fm newbies.

If you dash on over the Turntable.fm — those of you in the U.S. that is — you’ll see that a ton more functionality has been added, including:

1). A tab titled “DJs needed” so that you can find rooms bereft of deck masters
2). A box showing where you friends are located
3). A box showing your stats and current avatar
4). The ability to “Favorite” a room
5). The ability to sort rooms by number of occupants and date of creation

Turntable recently scored a round of funding and released an iPhone app, and last night we heard that an Android app is on the horizon (as well college tours at which TT.fm will serve as the opening act). We’re interested to see where this startup goes in the coming months.

By Brenna Ehrlich