Vimeo Makes It Super Easy To Add Music To Your Videos — Legally

Posted September 21

Yeah, aspiring filmmakers could just yoink some tunes from the web to score their work and call it a day, but Vimeo has taken steps to make the whole process much more legal — and rewarding for artists. The video-sharing site recently launched the Vimeo Music Store, which makes it simple for film heads to add licensed tunes to their work.

The Vimeo Music Store (which doesn’t seem to be active yet) makes use of music licensing service AudioSocket‘s Music as a Service platform, which can easily be plugged into sites like Vimeo to provide more than 33,000 songs to content creators. That way, filmmakers don’t have to leave Vimeo in order to find tunes — they can add them right onto their finished work. Artists, in turn, can get their music heard — and used — by Vimeo’s 50 million users.

We’re down with anything that takes the hassle out of online video-making — whilst keeping it legal — so we’re excited to see what kind of vids come out of this collaboration. If you test out the platform today, link us to your work in the comments below.