Big Freedia’s Booty-Shaking Playlist

Posted October 10

“Go hard, or go home. If you don’t go hard, you might as well sit your ass down”: That’s Big Freedia’s motto when it comes to dancing/listening to bounce music, the genre of jams that she’s currently championing across the U.S.

As one of our nominees for Too Much Ass for TV, we decided to reach out to Freedia to help alleviate the Monday doldrums with a mix guaranteed to get your ass out of your chair.

“All these songs make you want to feel it, Freedia says. “Make you want to dance and make you want to get up and do something with yourself.” Might we suggest shaking it?

1.) Spank Rock ft Big Freedia “Nasty”: “It has a lot of flavor to it. It’s about nasty stuff and it’s called ‘Nasty.’ Everybody says — and I say it, too — but when my part comes on it gives it a whole different twist and a lot of funk to it. It’s nice.”

2.) Sissy Nobby-”Like a Hurricane”: “That’s just one of my favorites by my daughter Sissy Nobby. Just the beat to it, it makes me go crazy when I hear it and I just want to shake all over like a hurricane.”

3.) Katey Red-”Where Da Melph At?”: “She came back just recently and she came back really hard. Katey is a person I started with way back when, and who I was backgrounding before I became ‘Big Freedia.’ One of her songs always becomes one of my favorites. That’s just one of her hottest songs — the beat to it and her sound, her different dimensions and her voice. The characteristics in her voice I just love. I grew up with Katey; that’s also my best friend.

4.) Beyonce “Best Thing I Never Had” Big Freedia remix: “Oh my God. Hot as hell. Beyonce is the number one diva; Freedia’s the queen diva. Hey, who could do a better mix than Freedia and Beyonce? I definitely gave that a lot of energy. All the songs I do by her I give a lot of energy and they always blow up because her songs already be hot, and when I put my voice on top of it, it just changes into a whole different song.”

5.) Nicky B -”Drop It Hot Potato Style”: “New generation, very hot, very talented young artist. It’s inspiration for the whole city [New Orleans] to have someone in the new generation that’s doing their own thing. It’s a hot song. The beat behind it, it makes me drop as well. Like a hot potato.”