Billboard’s Katie Morse Is: The Hottest Music NILF

Posted October 25

The votes are in, click-happy friends, and we’re all set to start announcing a passel of O Music Awards winners. First up, we’re bringing the sexy with the reveal of our very own paragon of hotness: Billboard social marketing manager, Katie Morse.

That’s right, you have spoken — whispered, sighed, what have you — and Morse has officially nabbed the coveted cube for Hottest Music NILF.

We’ll be announcing an awesome surprise with regard to this chart-topping hottie soon enough, but in the meantime we’ve got some stats on Morse below. Brush up, boys.

This is vital information — what’s your sign?

I am a Libra – the scales!

When did you first realize you had a music addiction?
The day I picked up a violin and discovered it made pretty sounds. I was five and I’ve been addicted ever since.

When did you first realize you were so hot?

Me?! Hot?! That’s news…

How did your hotness manage to best the hotness of all the rest?

It’s really not MY hotness, it’s the hotness of everyone I know (and everyone they know) that voted for me –- that’s the hotness that counts!

What activities do you enjoy? Long walks on the beach? Getting caught in the rain?

Pina coladas. Also…

- Sub-bass (mmmm, bass).
- Puppies (I volunteer as a dog walker plus foster dogs when I can).
- Brunching (it’s serious business).
- Traveling, especially the unplanned trip variety.
- Chocolate (mint and raspberry chocolates are my favorites).
- Sleeping in.
- Wandering around NYC taking random shots (I’m a bit of an Instagram addict).
- Yoga.

What is your theme song?

Confession: I’ve wanted to get the lyrics in the first and last verse of Ani Difranco’s ‘Evolve’ tattoo’d on me for… far longer than I’d like to admit. As far as a theme song goes? Those honors go to Katy B – ‘Katy On A Mission.’ There’s only so many times you can have a friend send you a song with the description ‘This is what song I think of when I think of you!’ without giving it a nod in the ‘personal theme song’ category.

What advice would you giving other aspiring hot people?

Hustle, and don’t forget to be nice to people.