Music & Tech Around The Web: Bjork, Singing Babes & More Wayne Coyne

Posted October 5

Not yet over the disappointment of the stillborn iPhone 5? Take heart, the web offered up some pretty good stuff today. Check it:


* Talented children make you regret your wasted youth. The Mini Band, A Rock Band Featuring Kids Aged 8-10 Years Old

* Wayne Coyne explains his 6-hour song — in a mere 23 minutes. The Flaming Lips Guided tour of their six-hour song

* Xbox 360, it’s not just for couch-bound gamers anymore. Now they can listen to music and stuff, too! Microsoft Doubles Down On Media, Reveals New Xbox Content Partners

* You’ve played with the apps, now listen to the record. First Listen: Björk, ‘Biophilia’