Blake Shelton’s Top 5 Twitter Tips

Posted October 10

There’s a reason we chose country singer Blake Shelton as one of our nominees for “Must Follow Artist On Twitter” — and it’s only partially because of the section in his Wikipedia entry that reads: “Blake Shelton is an avid Twitter user. He has close to 700,000 Twitter followers. He is known on Twitter for tweeting drunk. He will often start a tweet with, ‘I’m so drunk I…’. An example would be, ‘I’m so drunk right now I just walked in to a quick stop, pointed at my pants and shouted “This is NOT a hold up. It’s up all on it’s own!!’”

Actually, we lied, it’s entirely because of the above.

The other week, we asked The Flaming Lips’ avant garde frontman and Tweeter Wayne Coyne for his top Twitter tips, and this week we sought Shelton‘s advice. The below says nothing about social lubrication. We’re just assuming that’s a given. (All emphasis is Shelton’s.)

5. Wait until you’re REALLY pissed about something…

4. If you’re going to flirt with girls be sure and mention the word balls… (girls love balls… I do too but just my own)

3. Block anybody who dares to disagree with you…

2. NEVER EVER re-write a song on Twitter!!!!

1. If you are NOT funny in person you are NOT funny on Twitter…. Re-tweet only!!! You may still get laid one day.

By Brenna Ehrlich