Blink-182 Launches Interactive Album Cover

Posted October 7

And the awesome album covers just keep coming. Blink-182 is out with a new interactive cover for Neighborhoods packed with images, videos, social media and more.

The cover (click there to play around with it) comes courtesy of ThingLink, a service that allows users to tag images with a variety of media: from music (via SoundCloud) to more images to links, etc.

Blink-182 is the first band on its label to try out the tech, which makes sense, considering their social media/technology-packed recent release. Not only did the band put out a music video entirely composed of fan-created clips (fans who used their tunes without permission), they also threw an online listening party where fans could listen to a stream of the band’s first album in eight years with other residents of their respective neighborhoods.

What do you think of Blink-182′s interactive cover art? Is it better than Mastodon‘s augmented reality cover, or R.E.M’s flashy animated GIF?