Compete For a Chance To DJ Our Record-Breaking Dance Party

Posted October 11

MTV O Music Awards plans to throw a 24-hour dance party in L.A. leading up to the main event on October 31, and we need YOU to help us DJ the shindig. That’s why today at 3pm EST we’re launching Turntable Tuesdays, a weekly online dance party where fans can compete for the chance to spin tracks at our record-breaking marathon.

Today and every Tuesday at 3pm to 5pm EST we’ll be spinning tracks in our O Music Awards Room. Today, we have joining us special guest DJ Alex Shahmiri of In The Open (O Music Awards Nominee for the Beyond the Blog Award). .

If you’re not familiar with (for shame, it’s nominated for Most Addictive Social Music Service), it’s a series of chatrooms in which five DJs spin tracks. The other members of the room rate said tracks as “Awesome” or “Lame,” garnering the DJ points. Right now, sadly, the service is only available in the U.S., so users in other countries will not be able to partake.

You can drop in for the fun of it, but we suggest taking a more competitive stance and gunning for a chance to DJ our dance party. If you want to compete, follow the below steps:

1). Email to request a spot to DJ before the room launches. Include in your subject line the phrase: “I Wanna Be A Dance Party DJ.” You will get to DJ one song per visit (or more, based on number of people in the room, etc).

2). Include in the email your current number of DJ points and your DJ name.

3). Accrue 250 points from now until October 25. (Points gained in other rooms will also count toward the 250 figure.)

Those DJs who succeed in garnering 250 points by the 25 will be eligible to DJ the O Music Awards Dance Party remotely via (You will not be at the actual party in L.A. in the corporeal sense.)

Got it? Good. Start queuing up for your tracks!