All You Need To Know About The Dance Party Marathon

Posted October 30

We’re primed to kick off our record-breaking dance party marathon, and we thought you could use a little refresher course. Below is all you need to know to get in on the action.

Who: MTV O Music Awards

What: A 24-hour Dance Party Marathon that will hopefully score the Guinness World Record for longest team dance party

Where: The Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip

When: October 30, 9:30pm PDT until October 31, 9:30pm PDT

Why: To raise funds for anti-bully charities in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month to be split between GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), It Gets Better Project, The Gay Straight Alliance Network (GSA), Human Rights Campaign (HRC), The Trevor Project and GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

How: With endurance, magic and your help

“My help?” you say. Well, there’s a TON of ways you can get involved and participate in the fun. Here’s the breakdown of what your enthusiasm can achieve:


You can be a social do-gooder by donating either to the general fund via our Crowdrise page, or by launching your own team (perhaps under the name of your favorite fan army) and rallying your friends for support. Simply hit up our page and click “Fundraise for this event” to get started. You can start fundraising right now.


Let’s start some Twitter trends! Tweet about the event and make sure to include #DanceWorldRecord and #MTVOMA in your tweets.

* If #DanceWorldRecord trends on Twitter, @MTVOMA will donate up to $10K to charity in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month.

* If #MTVOMA trends on Twitter, @MTVOMA will donate up to another $10K to charity in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month.


As you know, the only two awards still left undecided are Fan Army FTW and Super Fan. We’re gotten some requests to uncap voting in the Fan Army category, and we’ve given it some serious thought. And, well, we decided we just might do it.

Tune into our awesome, 24-hour #DanceWorldRecord Marathon right here on the O Music Awards website between 10:00am PDT and 4:00pm PDT on Monday (or just watch the whole damn thing). We’ll announce during the period if we’ve uncapped voting.

The more people who tune in, the more likely we are to let fly, so tell your friends, family and assorted randoms on the street to tune in to the party.


Our dancers will be going for an entire 24 hours, so they’ll need your help to see it through to the end. Once the party kicks off, you’ll be able to vote for which dance moves you want to see out of the floor. Choices include:

Booty Shake

Chicken Dance

The Dougie

Fist Pump



Running Man

The Twist

Walk Like An Egyptian


Happy watching. See you in the stream.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Lone-star

Official Language: If #DanceWorldRecord or #MTVOMA becomes a Trending Topic on between 8pm PDT October 30, 2011 and 9pm PDT October 31, MTV will donate up to $20,000.