Dress Like Gaga This Halloween — On The Cheap

Posted October 20

Welcome to the O Music Awards guest writer series, a place where we hand the proverbial reins over to qualified writers/musicians/etc and let them share their thoughts about music, technology and more. Today’s guest blogger is Sammy Davis, of Sammy Davis Vintage.

O Music Awards nominee Lady Gaga’s Twitter followers may show their love by tweeting, DMing and @ replying Mother Monster all day, but to truly be the ultimate Gaga fan girl or guy you’ve gotta dress like the digitally inclined pop star on the day she’s declared is her “everyday”: Halloween.

While the list of memorable Gaga looks is peppered with more appropriately Halloween-themed accents — like slabs of meat, pointy shoulders and hella high shoes — the earlier Gaga looks are perhaps her most classic and iconic, not to mention much easier to duplicate.

Whether you love her or you loathe her, chances are a part of you secretly wants to be just like her — so do that this Halloween by thrifting your way to a look that brings you closer to Gaga than any 140 characters from @ladygaga ever could (although we admit, it’d still be pretty damn cool to get a tweet from her).

Here’s how to get a Gaga-ified look this Halloween that’s only a quick visit to your closet or a thrift store away.


There’s one thing Lady Gaga never does: the expected. Your first step is to thrift obnoxiously bright vintage sequins usually found buried between bad ’80s prom dresses in the evening wear department.

For my Gaga gear, I thrifted an all-sequin vintage top that I then paired with the most bad-ass pair of bright leggings I owned.

Gaga loves her bows, too, so hit up the men’s department of a thrift store for bow ties to use as hair and neck accessories. Or just ask your boyfriend/brother/dad for a spare.

The Goods: A sequin top/dress and bowtie to wear in hair and/or to accessorize your body. Check out The Thrift Shopper to search for thrift stores near you


To go Gaga all the way, you need some bright leggings to go with those sequins. American Apparel sells every color under the sun (I went with a pink pair for my costume), but you can forgo the extra spending and just bleach a pair from the multiple black ones you already own.

Pour bleach into a bucket and dip those leggings in, hold for a few minutes and remove to wash.

The Goods: One pair of leggings and a few cups of bleach


To duplicate Gaga’s look from “Just Dance,” use a black eye pencil to outline a lightning bolt immediately below your eye and drawn downward into your cheek. Fill with ridiculous eye shadow color of your choice, ideally an electric blue, purple or shiny black.

Average cost: Black eye pencil and an electric hue of eyeshadow. I like Wet n’ Wild, because it’s super cheap!


You’ll need your most diva pair of shades and a neck scarf, preferably red to mimic Gaga’s Little Red Riding Hood style she debuted a few years ago.

Wrap the neck scarf toward the front of your head and a few inches below your chin, securing with safety pins to form a free-standing hood. Finish with white or black gloves from your storage of winter accessories, then throw on your stunna shades and forget to smile.

If feeling inspired, use one hand to randomly “claw” and call fellow Halloweeners your “little monsters.”

The Goods: 1 neck scarf, a pair of gloves and some safety pins, plus the nerve to actually use your hand as a claw.

Sammy Davis would die happy if everyone on this planet gave vintage fashion a try. She blogs and hosts a YouTube web series to inspire anyone and everyone to incorporate vintage into their lifestyle. Check out her oversharing on Twitter and Facebook for more vintage insight and Gaga adoration.