What Does It Take To Be a Glambert?

Posted October 3

Last week, we introduced you to one of the leaders of the Tokio Hotel fan army, the Aliens. This week, we’re on to the Glamberts.

In an effort to delve into the psyche the Glambert, we chatted with 40-something-year-old Carter Setterlund Carter from Ontario, Canada, who represents the Adam Official Starlighters. The Starlighters, according to Carter, were the first group dedicated to American Idol star Adam Lambert.

Check out our Q&A below and keep on voting for Fan Army FTW!

So what do you do? Aside from lobbying for Adam Lambert?
[I'm a] Special Events & Fundraising Coordinator, Concert Venue/Nightclub Manager.

How did you become a Lambert fan?
Like so many others, I became a fan of Adam Lambert as soon as I saw Adam on American Idol. Vocally and stylistically nobody compared. Every week, Adam blew us away with something totally different and unexpected. I love that. Adam’s debut album, For your Entertainment, is an incredibly solid work of art. Seriously, there isn’t a duff track on the whole album. Every song has a different sound and vibe.

Adam’s upcoming sophomore album is going to be nuts – like as in crazy amazing nuts! Adam has said that this album is his ‘dream album’ and we all know that it will be our dream album, too! Yes, we are extremely excited for the 2012 release of Adam’s new album and for the first single as well! An understatement of epic proportions.

I was fortunate to be able to go to 18 of Adam’s Glam Nation tour shows and no two shows were the same -– Adam, his band and dancers changed it up [so that] every show was different in some way. I’ve worked in concert venue management and have seen a lot of shows. I would have to say that Adam’s Glam Nation Tour shows are the best live shows ever and quite the experience. The intermission dance parties are crazy fun! You really should go to one of Adam’s shows!

How did you decide to head up a fan army?
I wouldn’t call myself a ‘leader’ in this Fan Army. I’m a very active member, but not a leader. You see the thing is, other than Adam, there aren’t any ‘leaders’ so to speak. We are all in this together –- equally. We support Adam and we support each other as well. I love that aspect of our fandom. There’s our love for Adam and his amazing music, but also there is a camaraderie and love and support we have for each other. Close and lifelong friendships have been formed. Glamberts are the best!

What are some common characteristics of Glamberts?
There’s really nothing ‘common’ about us. However, our ability and desire to raise money and awareness for charities and causes that Adam has inspired us to support is something that we all have in common. That is such a huge focus of this fandom –- making this world a better place. Last Friday was a very special day for Adam and his fans. Through the sale of Adam’s Penny Royal Peace Pendant to support the Trevor Project, we reached the milestone of over 1 million dollars raised for charity by Adam and his fans!

Adam’s fans love and respect him for the artist he is and for his art, but also for the person he is. Adam Lambert — well, he’s just a good person — an all around good guy. Adam has inspired his fans to be actively proactive and to help others. And he’s very intelligent, honest and really, really funny and very, very handsome. And Adam is tall…

Do you guys have a uniform, etc?
There’s no set uniform but many of us do like to wear glitter and leather and black –- that’s big. Some like to wear Adam’s concert t-shirts (they are awesome) and some fans like to dress up in a way that they may or they not dress every day –- and that’s fun! Boots are great –- boots are cool.

How many hours per week do you listen to his music?
Constantly -– even when I don’t actually have music playing -– it’s always in my head. All kinds of music, but mostly Adam. And like I said, Adam has all kinds of music, so it’s all good. Every week, fans get together online and on Twitter for our favorite radio show, ‘Liam McEwan’s Adam Lambert Hour’ on The FleaFM New Zealand. That’s like a ritual for us -– it’s a lot fun!

What would you do if you met Adam?
I have had the honor of meeting Adam several times; so many of us have –- at M&Gs and at the barricades after a show and some have met him while he’s been out and about and at some of the many events that Adam has attended. Adam has made himself accessible to his fans and very warm and down to earth. He really is a sweet guy.

How do you plan to win the O Music Award for Fan Army FTW?
We are encouraging each other to vote to the max every day or as much as you can. All we can do is to do our best. Adam has tweeted asking for help in winning this, so we will do all we can. Adam Lambert’s Glambert Fan Army would like to congratulate the other Fan Armies nominated for this award and wish them all of the best!

By Brenna Ehrlich