Music App of the Day: Access Google Music From Your iPhone With gMusic

Posted October 19

Everyone and their mama launched a music storage locker/cloud service at some point over the last few months — Amazon dropped Cloud Drive, Apple launched iCloud and Google busted out with Music Beta. Now, you can get a mashup of two of the aforementioned music services with a new third-party application that lets Music Beta users get all their tunes on their iPhones: gMusic.

For those not familiar, music lockers are basically mechanisms that allow you to listen to music across all compatible devices, without taking up room on said devices. They’re like streaming music services (see Spotify) for your own tunes.

The $2 app basically allows you to jam to the contents of your Google Music account (20,000 songs) without taking up any room on your mobile (music is streaming). Once you log into your Google Music account, you can create playlists, organize tunes, cache songs for offline listening, etc.

We’re not really sure why an iPhone user would download such an app when one already has access to the comparable iCloud (or why Apple approved such a close rival’s launch), but we could see the service being a boon to someone who has already organized all their tunes via Music Beta.

The release of this app comes on the heels of the announcement that Google is planning to roll out a music store to augment Google Music. In the trinity of cloud services, Google is the only one that doesn’t offer any kind of music sales (Amazon sells MP3s and Apple obviously has iTunes).

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Image courtesy of Flickr, karindalziel

By Brenna Ehrlich